sharing your life through facebook

Facebook is a social media comedy. It’s hilarious to read how great and how fabulous a person’s life is. Facebook relationships are perfect. And people become brave behind the security of the keyboard. It’s humorous, and kind of sad, and a little pathetic.

Facebook is also a window to many lives, not just the many faces, of people. There are people who post just about every moment of their lives. Really, I don’t care how many bottles of water you drank today. I’m not being rude, I just think it’s ridiculous to post a picture of water bottles with a quote that you drank water. Really I don’t care. You drank water, ok good because water is essential to live.

Then there are the couples, or friends, who communicate through facebook although they are in the same room. I worked with someone who was out on a couples date. The ladies had a conversation via facebook while the guys sat there watching the game. They are in a restaurant but not communicating. The funny thing is I was at the same restaurant sitting near them. We visited for a few minutes and I see the guys are looking aggravated. Even while I was at their table the ladies were still on facebook, including posting that they saw me. Really, I don’t think that was necessary because if I wanted people to know I was at that restaurant I could have “checked in” at the place. So then they try to tie me into their conversation and I just laughed and said across the room, no thanks. We all had a good laugh and then one of the guys said that I have the right idea by speaking out loud versus using the keyboard and maybe he should move to my table. THAT is what got their attention. I laughed it off then sent the girl a text that said put the phone away and TALK to her man. At 40, still looking for a husband, maybe it’s time for her to make some adjustments like paying more attention to her date. But, that’s just my opinion. But this whole scenario is a typical evening for her and a lot of people.

Or how about the person who posts all of their business yet claims they are “private”. Those have the most drama.

Facebook is a good tool to connect with people, but it’s up to the individual to manage that connection. Facebook, or any social media site, should not be the replacement for a personal connection or relationship. It shouldn’t be the relationship.

Well, these are my thoughts on living through facebook. To each their own.

God bless, and be blessed.



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