back to school…hungry children

School is beginning and parents are scrambling to get school supplies, clothes/uniforms, and money for school fees. Parents are also worrying about making sure their children do not go hungry. And unfortunately, they have to worry about their children being turned away in the school cafeteria.

Recent years have seen news stories about children having their lunch trays taken away or outright refused lunch due to a small balance on their lunch cards. With the money and teacher supplies (because my children have yet to use 1 of the boxes of red pens I’ve been required to send) that parents are required to send to school, the thought that a child will go hungry at school is sickening.

Yes, there are reduced and free lunch programs, but what about those parents who make just a few dollars above the maximum household income allowed. They are struggling to make ends meet but can’t receive assistance. Yes, there are parents who don’t seem to care. There are parents who use and abuse ‘the system’. There are parents who wait for someone else to pick up the slack, waiting for a handout, and using their kids to make people for sorry for them. But the kids are still hungry and need to eat.

Children can’t concentrate if they are hungry. They can’t learn. And no child should be embarrassed in front of their peers by having their tray taken from them.

Of course there are those cafeteria workers who have a heart and try to feed the kids anyway. And they get in trouble. Yes, they are breaking ‘rules’ but at some point you have to see a gray line and do what is morally right. Feed the children.

I get so tired of seeing commercials where celebrities want us to send money to other countries to feed children. I have a heart. I feel sorry for those children. But we need to feed our children here at home. Let’s feed the children who are sitting across from our own children, stomachs growling, hoping someone  will offer them some food. I know this happens because my child is one who offers her own food to other students. I pack extra in her lunch box so she can share.

As we start this school year let’s pray for the children. Pray they have fun and enjoy being young. Pray they don’t stress over tests and homework but enjoy learning. Pray they have the fuel they need for their bodies and brains to grow. Pray that no child goes hungry.

God bless, and be blessed.


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