do you need recognition in your relationship?

In relationships I believe there comes times when each person is taken for granted. There is a place that becomes blurry and the things each does is just part of the routine, part of who they are, their role….etc.

Sometimes we need to be recognized. The little things we do to keep the household running, the kids motivated, and keep ourselves moving along become a normal part of who we are. But, we need to have a little recognition in our lives. It would be nice for someone to say take a break, you do too much, you are much more than mom, dad, wife, husband….. We need to have the little things recognized because it is the little things that is the glue that keeps the family running, and the little things are so important.

Recognition doesn’t take much effort. A thank you, a hug, or a little note can make a difference. It doesn’t seem like much, but for a person who is worn out that little gesture can change their day. Isn’t the person you love worth that small gesture?

Love, and be loved.

God bless, and be blessed.




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