Communities pulling together

LA strong

What I have seen the past week is nothing unusual for Louisiana. Across the state strangers were in need and Cajun people got up and went out in the flood waters to help. Many of these had damage to their homes but they made sure their families were in a safe place and went out to rescue thousands of strangers.

At my office I asked the managers to help gather donations. One manager, from another state, reached into his wallet and gave me money. Others asked what they needed to donate. We have 19 employees whose homes have been flooded. Several had water to almost to the roof and most lost vehicles. I have flood buckets together and we are gathering essential items. Above that we are donating food to shelters. Due to the industry that we are in, we were able to donate an 18-wheeler of food to a food bank that will service 3 major cities. Another truck load  will be donated on Tuesday. And then another later next week if the need is there.

It was hard hearing about the devastation my employees have, It was hard seeing one of the physically strongest managers tear up as he told me about the employees. It was hard to listen to managers get choked up. I’m a worrying and I tear up easy so it was hard to stay dry-eyed hearing the stories. One employee was on vacation when the floods hit. When he got back home….he had to take a boat to get to his house…and there he saw both vehicles with residue on top of the roofs and water damage 3 feet from the roof of his house. His neighbors came over and told him that their houses were almost completely submerged. Hes 62 years old, has worked as a truck driver (which is hard work and hard on your body) for 41 years, and he just saw everything that he worked for overtaken by mother nature. He said he turned to his wife and apologized. That just tore me up.

We are slowly getting our lives back together. There are so many hurdles and obstacles we are going to have to face in the upcoming months. I, personally, have to walk outside and assess the damage today. I’m worried. But, like my daughter said, we are blessed because we still have our home. Yes, I am so blessed, to have my children safe. I am so blessed that I suffered minor inconveniences. My car was damaged, but I still have a car. Yes, I’m blessed, and thankful.

Louisiana will rebuild. Just as we do after each hurricane. We will cook for each other, and for strangers, and we will have stories to tell our great grandchildren. And we will pass on traditions of helping one another in times of need.

Pray for us as we begin rebuilding our lives.

God bless, and be blessed.



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