a world of mean girls, sigh

We have a world of mean girls, girls who are mean just because they want to me.

I encountered a couple of mean girls last night. And it didn’t turn out quite like they thought it would. We were at the casino and it was full of young people who were there for a live concert. They were everywhere, and a lot of them were being really mean with their comments. I say that because I overheard mean comments almost every part of the casino that I went by.

And then 2 young girls decided they were going to make a comment about me. I was walking and I could hear the voices behind me saying ugly things about how people were dressed and laughing that fake laugh that brats make when something isn’t funny but they have to pretend it is. At first I thought they were having a conversation about someone they knew (which doesn’t make it any better) and then I realized they were just talking about people we were passing. And then one of them said “uhh she’s wearing sweats” and they were talking about me…

So I turned around and looked to make sure I heard correctly. And they jumped when I turned around, so yes they were talking about me. So I responded ‘yes I’m wearing sweats and why does it bother you’ and their eyes got big, so I said ‘no really, what’s your problem’. They both giggled nervously and I pushed it further because I realized that they were talking so much sh*t and they didn’t realize that there could be consequences. For instance, if we weren’t on tribal land, and if I was a different person, I might have punched them in the mouth. And someone else could have too. So one of them stuttered “um nothing is wrong” I said good because you were talking sh*t like I wasn’t going to say anything. So do you want me to talk about what you are wearing? Do you want me to make you feel like nothing, the same way you thought you were going to make everyone else feel like nothing?

Tears welled up in their eyes, and I didn’t feel sorry for them. I felt sad that this is what our young people are about. Shallow, self-centered, entitled brats. Mean girls who believe they can say whatever they want and they don’t have to be accountable. I wasn’t going to go into a lecture when them. (And for the record, they were at least 21 years old because they were inside the casino gambling area without a parent, so I was speaking to 2 adults who thought they could be little bit***s to people. ) But I did let them know that not everyone is going to stand by and not say anything. This is the real world and people will snap back.

I can be a bi**h, and I have many years on them, so they could never be prepared for how I could have reacted. But like I said, we were on tribal land and I’m not going to jail. I’m just shaking my head at these young people. They really have no clue.

Well, Happy Sunday and have a wonderful day.

God bless, and be blessed.


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