purging of fakeness

Today I reached my limit of dealing with fake people. I have reached my limit of helping “friends” who are really just users that I happen to know.

I don’t keep score of how many people I help or how I do so, but I can count the handful of times I’ve asked for help….and how many times these “friends” didn’t come through for me. So, today I decided I would just eliminate the hassle and nonsense – I won’t ask for help and I surely won’t extend the courtesy of helping someone who is an unappreciative user.

Surprisingly it was a relief after I made the decision. Now we shall see how many “friends” begin to disappear. Easy come, easy go.

It’s been amusing seeing how fake people can be. People are so used to being fake that it’s natural for them and they think they are getting over on someone when really that person is just sitting back and going on with their life.

Their arrogance is really what makes me laugh. Arrogant yet need to use people. My motto is you can’t be a bully and a victim. But, boy do people try to play both roles. And I’ve had enough so its time  to purge fake people and eliminate the hassle and nonsense.

Certainly I can’t be the only person who feels this way.

Go bless, and be blessed.


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