Babies raising babies

Babies raising babies, it’s sad to see youth having babies and taking on the responsibilities of parenthood before they’ve had a chance to enjoy their childhood.

But when these “babies” become adults, having more children, but never really becoming a parent it’s a disgrace.

Social media seems to be a platform where we see the best and worst of people. Filters are lacking. And when I see ‘parents’ posing their children like they are in the club, it saddens me. It’s my opinion, of course, which doesn’t count in their families, but I believe that just because they chose to shorten their childhood doesn’t mean they need to shorten their children’s.

Not every young parent make poor decisions. Some make good decisions, are good parents, are good role models, and do a great job as parents. Others not so much. Some think it’s cute to have the “mini me” and teach them to be a mini “adult” way before their time. A 14 year old doesn’t need dress provocatively and strike a sexy pose for facebook, especially when the mother had her at 15 and then had 5 additional children by 5 different men. Having the 12 year old behave the same way is just sickening. Encouraging inappropriate behavior is a sad way to be a parent.

Then you have the young parent who gives up their youthful freedom to raise their child while attending school and working. The young parent who doesn’t treat their child as live doll, but as a child they brought into the world who needs love, support, and guidance. The parents who realize they made a poor choice but decided to do their best to make better choice. The parents who dress their children in age appropriate clothes and share pictures of their little ones in age appropriate settings. Not full of makeup, dressed in clothes that don’t cover their body.

My random thoughts.

God bless, and be blessed.




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