Happy celebration of life birthday

So yesterday was my birthday and it is a true celebration of life. My birthday holds a significant meaning not only because it’s the celebration of my birth, but also because I received my cancer diagnosis on my birthday and I have survived that horrible life-changing diagnosis.

Before my diagnosis I didn’t think much of my birthday. It was just another day for me. I rather make a huge deal out of everyone else’s birthday than recognize mine. But now I know that every single day is precious and my birthday now marks another year that I was able to fight through.

Today I am excited to celebrate my birthday. I’m excited that I’ve made it another year – I’ve had another year with my children, my family, my friends. I’m excited that another year awaits me. I am ready for the challenges that will come my way.

One thing I learned from my birthday – and that fateful call – is that I can never ever take anything for granted. We never know what will happen that will change our lives in an instant.

So, happy birthday to me. Let’s see what today, and tomorrow brings.

God bless, and be blessed.


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