Little Jolie

Little Jolie spent the night with me this weekend. It was unplanned and unexpected but when she saw me she asked to go home with me. I couldn’t say no to that sweet face.

So an impromptu slumber party it was. We watched cartoons and Disney movies and played games. We laughed alot. She hugged me hundreds of times. We just hung out together – the grandma and the toddler. And the next morning I felt old!

Little Jolie is an amazing little girl. She’s had so much adversity and she doesn’t even know it. She won’t know for years. I pray that the love she has been showered with will ease the pain she will feel when she learns that her mommy and daddy were not there for her.

Little Jolie brings a light to our family. She’s smiles from the moment she wakes up. She loves so easily. She’s carefree just like a child should be. And I love that we can be a part of that.

Our slumber party was great. She takes me back to when my kids were little and we made tents out of sheets and camped out in the living room. It brought me back to the time when my kids were carefree and loved easily, the time when my kids were not exposed to the faults of the world.

Little Jolie is a breath of fresh air in our family. She makes us laugh about the silly things. She makes us stop and enjoy the moment we are in. And we all need that.

I hope everyone has a little Jolie in their lives. Everyone needs a little one to love.

God bless, and be blessed.


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