Movie, popcorn, and me

I’ve never gone to the movies alone before. Not because I was afraid but because the opportunity never arose. Until this weekend.

We had been talking about going to the movies but we wanted to see different shows. So, what does an overprotective mom do when her pre-teen wants to see a movie and you want to see something else? You get creative to make it work. So, we studied the movie times at different theaters and finally found the 3 shows at 1 theater that fit into our schedule. But the end result was daughter and dad watching her movie, dad going his movie with his buddies later, and me watching my movie by myself. And I have to tell you, it was strangely peaceful. I think I wouldn’t mind doing it again. Wow – me time….what in the world is that? (smile)

The theater was not even half full so there were plenty of seats and plenty of space between movie-goers. With the family I normally sit near the top, by myself I decided to sit near the bottom, close to the exit, and away from most. I settled into my seat, popcorn and drink in the seat next to me, feet curled up and I was ready to enjoy the show. Just me, my popcorn, and the movie.

Going to the movies alone is not something I would have consciously decided to do if the circumstances had not created the opportunity. I’ve seen others in the theater alone and actually never thought anything about it. But I bet they enjoyed to solitude that comes with watching a movie with a room full of strangers.

I’ve said before that we all deserve me time. So whether it’s taking in a movie, taking a nap, or getting a pedicure, we all deserve to do/have something that gives us comfort. No excuses, no explanations.

God bless, and be blessed.


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