Tyler is a young man, 14 and he knows he gay. He’s a sweet child, a child of God. He’s gay. I said it again. But who cares? I don’t. He’s a sweet child, a child of God, that’s what matters to me.

Tyler is a friend of my daughter. I tease him and joke with him. But I don’t judge him. Because who he is attracted to does not change the person he is. It doesn’t not change his level of integrity. Or his character.

Tyler has decided to come out to his family. He told my daughter last night. I’m worried for him but most of all I’m proud. It’s hard living with a secret of that magnitude. Hiding in fear, even if it’s only in your mind, is debilitating. Being a teenager is hard enough. I can’t imagine how hard it is when you hide in fear.

I pray that his family is accepting. Coming out, especially at his age, is huge. It shows a huge amount of courage. I’m proud of him. I pray that his has a support system. I pray that the people around his see beyond their own fears, their own insecurities, and accept him completely. I pray that they will see that he’s the same person with the difference being that his is able to be true to himself and not feel like he has to keep a secret.

This is a sensitive age. He needs support. He needs love. He needs his family.

Regardless if I agree or disagree with whom he is attracted to I have a responsibility to be fair and to give him love and support.

I’ll be honest, it’s confusing for me because I am not attracted to the same sex. But it’s not my business. My business is to decide to be a good person or not. To be a good friend or not. To be supportive or not. And if I can’t be positive then I don’t need to be there at all. Because the last thing he needs is another negative person in his life. He will meet more than enough of negative people in his lifetime.

So for me I will be a positive person. I will tell him I love him. Because I loved him before he came out to me. Nothing has changed for me except that I am more supportive of him. And more protective.

Praying for peace, tolerance, and understanding in our already chaotic and hate filled world.

God bless, and be blessed.


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