Loss of his father

My friend Joe recently lost his father recently and it was unexpected. And it’s complicated.

Joe’s father wasn’t ill, he didn’t have a heart attack, there wasn’t a car accident. He was murdered. It was not intentional, but the end result is murder. Joe’s father was murdered by his grandson. And the loss has devastated this family.

This isn’t a Menendez brother’s story. This is a simple country family with some of the same issues that other families have. This grandson has a drug addiction and unfortunately this addiction created havoc in his own mind as well as within his family. He has anger issues and this anger boiled over one night. The end result was a deadly punch that killed his grandfather.

When a family member dies unexpectedly it’s very hard to comes to term with the loss. There is no time to prepare. It’s done, the loved one is gone, and now the family has to deal with these emotions. But when the loss is due to a family member there are other emotions that create a turmoil in the mind.

As Joe and his family are trying to come to terms with the death of their father, husband, grandfather, brother, son….they also have to deal with the arrest and upcoming trial of this grandchild. So their healing is delayed, their wounds stay open, their emotions remain raw.

And I’m worried about Joe. He’s going through the motions of life, but I see the pain in his eyes, as well as the anger in his body language. I worry about him because he needs to heal so he can move forward.

The sudden loss of the patriarch brings confusion as family members have to shift roles to keep the family together. Joe is the only son so he has to step up into a role he was not prepared to take so suddenly. And that is weighing heavily on his mind.

The loss of this father has devastated this family. But I believe that many others can relate to this family’s tragedy.

Praying for healing for Joe and his family.

God bless, and be blessed.


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