Being kind is easy

Being kind is easy. It doesn’t take much effort. Really, you just need to do what you normally should do and you would be surprised at how much kindness you share.

I do try to be kind to others. I will be honest, it’s not always easy because life can be frustrating. (That isn’t something I’m proud of, but this is my blog and my thoughts, and those who take the time to read my blog deserve nothing but honesty.)

Today I learned how easy it is to be kind. It’s a simple lesson that I believe others can relate to. I was at the grocery store and as I walked to my car it started to rain, not pouring down but enough to make me rush to put my bags in the car. Once I had finished I pushed my cart to the shopping cart racks that are on each aisle. Another woman pushed hers up at the same time and we smiled and turned to rush back to our vehicles. That’s when an employee walked up and thanked us for bringing our carts to the rack. He said that most customers leave their carts all over the parking lot which makes it harder for him when it’s raining. Wow.

As customers we are not entitled to anything. Yes, it’s their job as employees to gather the stores carts. But, it’s our job as decent human beings to not leave them everywhere. I know as a vehicle owner it aggravates me when I get to my car and someone has left their cart near my car, especially if the cart is touching my car. Which is why I make a point to push the cart to the racks.

But, speaking with this young man, as it was raining on us, made me realize that me doing what I think is right showed him kindness, because it made his job a little easier.

Once again God has shown me that everything we do impacts someone or something. And it’s important to remember that. Kindness is easy. Just do what’s right.

God bless, and be blessed.


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