Hacksaw Ridge

I watched the movie Hacksaw Ridge and cried through most of the movie.

This movie brings you to the core of your faith. It shows how faith can guide you through the hell of war, the confusion and misguidance of other people, and the chaos of the world around us.

Considering the tense times we are currently living in, Hacksaw Ridge gives clarity of faith. The movie touches your spirit in spite, or maybe because of, the anger and death the movie depicts.

The movie is set in the war but it is about GOD, love of man, FAITH, HONOR of Jesus Christ. The movie made me so thankful for the love God has shown me.

Hacksaw Ridge will touch even the most stoic person. It made me cry that ugly cry that comes on unexpectedly. The cry that gives you a headache. But I felt a cleansing.

I don’t understand war. The ugliness, the rawness of destruction. I just don’t understand it. But I know that it is a reality. I understand that there will be a debate between believers, non-believers, and those in between. If God is loving then why does He allow death and destruction. If God is a loving God why does he allow children to be hurt and abused. These questions confuse me because I don’t want to be a doubter but I am human and I wonder. But I also try to remain faithful and let God lead me. The movie reaffirmed that while we may not understand God is always listening to us and He will lead us.

I recommend the movie, but watch it at home, have tissues, and embrace the message that is the true story of the movie.

God bless, and be blessed.


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