I shared his secret

I shared his secret.

Not because I wanted to but because he asked me to.

He says its 2017 and he is ready to be himself. He is ready to enjoy life. He is ready to find love.

But there’s a sense of fear, the fear of rejection.

So he asked me to share his secret and tell his best friend that he’s gay.

It was emotional for me. I cried when I told him. I had the same fear, that he would be rejected. I care about him and want to see him happy. Everyone deserves happiness. Everyone deserves love. Everyone deserves to be accepted.

I cried as I shared his secret. And his best friend asked me why I was crying. That’s his best friend. He’s happy for him. Nothing has changed. He will still be there for him. He will protect him. He is his friend. His best friend. So nothing has changed, except now there isn’t a secret.

God bless, and be blessed.


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