I miss my family. I live hours away for a reason. I needed space.

Dysfunctional – yes we can be considered dysfunctional. And it’s sad because we are all adults now, with families of our own. We should be setting the example to our children, allowing them to know their cousins.

I wanted to have a reunion this year, something small and inexpensive. I would be the one travelling and incurring the most expense. So I should have been the one hesitating. But the matriarch discouraged it. And I don’t understand why she wants the family to be divided.

I plan to reach out to a few of my siblings. I plan to gauge how they feel about a get together. Allow the cousins to reunite.

I am the mediator, the peace maker, the one who stepped away from the drama. And I miss my family. I’m not disillusioned. I am realistic. I know there is no fairy tale ending. This is not made for TV. This family is raw, unedited reality. But it’s still family. And I would like to see everyone get together.

God bless, and be blessed.


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