behind the smile

Behind the smile is sadness. Pain. Fear. Worry. Tears. But she still smiles.

The sadness overwhelms her. It brings a darkness to her that no one can see but her. Because she smiles.

Sometimes, as recent as yesterday, the sadness and worry will sneak up on her unexpectedly. She can be driving and the tears will sting her eyes, out of no where as if the wind has whipped dust up around her burning her eyes with the grit of the dirt. She can be shopping, and will lose her train of thought, look around and completely forget what she needed. Because the sadness is there…behind the smile.

She’s strong so even those closest to her don’t see the signs. They don’t see the sadness. The don’t see the tears. They don’t see the fear. Because she smiles. But behind the smile it’s there. Right there, ready to spill over with the slight provocation, the slightest nudge.

There is so much hidden behind that smile. So much.

God bless, and be blessed.


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