There is a stigma about homelessness. But there is so much than what meets the eye.

The face of homelessness is not the person you see downtown, dirty, asking for a handout. That is what we see, that’s a symptom. But homelessness is around us and it’s closer than you may realize.

Homeless is your co-worker. The one who carries his belongings with him in a backpack, tucks it away in a corner or in a locker, and then works alongside of you.

Homeless is the child who goes to school with your child. The one who looks like every other student, the same school uniform, eating the same school lunch.

Homeless is the college student struggling to pay tuition, sleeping on a friend’s sofa night to night, trying not to wear out their welcome.

Homeless is the family whose parents have lost their jobs, run out of money, and are doing everything to keep their families together.

So many are one bad day away from being homeless. A lost job, a medical emergency, there are many reason why one runs out of money, and many run out of hope.

We don’t know someone’s struggle. They may not know ours. But we are all human. Be kind.

God bless, and be blessed.


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