going through the motions, emotions

Many wake up and go through the motions, overwhelmed by emotions. They feel burned out. It’s that simple. They are tired, need sleep, need a break.

Sleep will come, you can try to rest. A break will not. Because there are always needs, wants, and obligations.

Going through the motions. Tackling each day’s responsibilities and moving on to the next. No complaining. It is what it is. Millions of others do this each day, too. But today, why can’t it be different? Or tomorrow? The next day? When will it change?

Going through the emotions. The sadness and tears that can come from mental and physical exhaustion. Where worry moves to the forefront of your mind. Where tears sting your eyes because you are just so tired. Where sadness will quickly envelope you then roll out like the waves of the ocean. The residue of the sand and water is still there but you remain standing watching the water lapping at your feet. That kind of sadness, the kind that is on the brink of washing you away but instead puddles at your feet. And you stand there.

Reality is that life gets us down. We all get down. We all feel it. And then we push through. There are things to get done. So the tears may sting the eyes today, but we won’t/can’t succumb to them. We will keep going through the motions, emotions.

God bless, be blessed.


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