no one will know what is wrong

She stares off into the sky
Just trying to clear her mind
She’s just trying to hold herself together
She won’t allow herself to cry

The tears are needed so badly
A cleansing of the soul, if you will
But no one will see her cry
She must remain strong, no matter how she feels

She’s not allowed to show weakness
The standard was set long ago
She locks her feelings up tightly
And doesn’t let the slightest pain show

No one will know there is something wrong
They will never see anything but strength
Her tears are saved for another day
Her worries written off like a country song

No helping hand extended to her
Yet she extends her own to so many
She thanks the Lord for each day
She knows her blessings are many

Shaking off the sadness
She smiles and begins her day
One foot in front of the other
And no one knows her pain


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