reminiscing, but can’t recall

It’s so strange how something random will take you down memory lane. I wasn’t watching the movie, but it was on as background noise. A random scene of a teacher speaking kindly to a student gave me a flashback of elementary school. And a kind teacher. Speaking kindly to me. Suddenly the memory is vivid, I can see her face, I remember she had 2 small boys, her husband was a truck driver. But I can’t recall her name. But I remember her being so kind.

I was young which makes it crazier that I remember this particular teacher. But i’m sure it’s because she was so nice. Always with a genuine smile. She was a favorite of most, if not all, of her students. I wasn’t special, she didn’t give me extra attention, I wasn’t someone for her to pity. I was the quiet kid. Just there to do my work. And she was kind to everyone at this small country school, in this town of less than 1,000 people. I don’t know why I thought of her today after all these years, but she suddenly came to my mind. I wish I could recall her name.

It really is strange how we can be brought back to a different place in time so quickly, so easily. Little details flash before your eyes almost as if you could reach out and touch it. I see the classroom and the kids and even remember the song she would play every Monday because it was so popular – Manic Monday. Crazy that I remember that because it was so long ago.

I refuse to analyze this. I know I’m stressed and feeling depressed which means my subconscious is searching for balance and peace. On some level I subconsciously connected with this random scene in a random movie, that I wasn’t even watching. Or maybe I just needed to be reminded of a nice memory. I don’t know. But I do wish I could have recalled her name.

God bless, and be blessed.


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