his brother was murdered

When someone is murdered many times the media, and people, will focus on the bad things that person has done. Where they involved in drugs? Were they involved in an affair? So many things the person could have been involved in but the bottom line is that the person is dead.

My colleague’s brother was murdered. A quadruple homicide that left 5 families devastated. Four people were executed in a cold, calculated way. Four families were notified of the horrific details of the crime, through the heartless attention seeking media then again by the coroner. Another family is torn apart because their loved one committed these horrible crimes. Their loved one caused death.

When someone is murdered I don’t think people think of the family who has lost their loved one. They think of the “reasons” why the person may have deserved it. The “reasons” why it could have been justified. But there is more to the story, to their lives.

My colleague laid his brother to rest this past weekend. The family came together and said their goodbye. That’s the point. There is a family grieving. In spite of the bad decisions this person made, he has a family who loves him. There are people left with a loss that will not go away.

And I think people forget that there are families. There are people who will grieve. That violence impacts many more than the 2 directly involved. The violence extends to many others. It even extends to the community because people feel unsafe.

His brother was murdered and now he has to move on with his life as if it didn’t happen. He has to go to work and be the person he was before he got the phone call. He has to be strong for his family. He has to be the person he was before the phone call for everyone around him. His children, his wife, his mother. The list goes on and go.

But the phone call did happen. His brother was murdered. He has a loss. And his life ISN’T the same. But he is still expected to move forward as if nothing has changed. As if there isn’t sadness in his heart. As if the tragedy was not at the forefront of his mind. As if he brother wasn’t gone.

And it is sad. Because the world doesn’t stop for his pain.

God bless, and be blessed.


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