she loves him in heaven

Throughout her troubled life she has searched for someone to love who loved her back. And she found him.

Nine years they had together on this earth. Nine years of her fairy tale. They had a child and she was living her happily ever after with her little family. She never looked so happy or felt so complete. He was her dream come true.

This year marks eight years since the love of her life passed away. And she still loves him. She truly loves that man. And she cannot move on.

She dreams of him, saying he comes to her in her dreams. And that keeps her going. Their child is a replica of him, in mannerisms and looks. There are reminders of him everywhere she looks. And she keeps his memory alive with memorials, and of course he’s alive in her dreams.

She loves him even though he’s in heaven. Her love didn’t end when he passed away. Her love deepened as the pain of her loss almost paralyzed her. Almost, but she rallied and put one foot ahead of the other and held herself together enough to raise her, their, son.

She loves her husband, but he’s no longer her partner on earth and she cannot move on. When she feel in love, it was head over heels, no holding back, completely in love. And regardless that he is gone in body, she feels connected in spirit.

God bless her and her son.

Be blessed.


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