He didn’t love her until..

He didn’t love her when she was with him. Not when she was there day in, day out
Raising his children,Helping him pay bills.

He didn’t love her until she had found another. When he saw someone loving her.
Loving her the way he should have loved her.He didn’t love her until she had found love.

Fourteen years she gave to the relationship. Fourteen years she gave to him. Fourteen years of him cheating on her. Fourteen years of her believing his lies.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t all bad. She had happiness. She didn’t even know until the end that he had cheated, in their home, their bed. And that’s when she left. That’s when his family came to her and told her the details. That’s when he broke her.

It took her years to recover. Why was she so blind? How did she not see? She loved him, believed in him, believed in their love. She thought she was enough.

It took her years to realize that his behavior wasn’t because of her. It was him. His greed. His selfishness. His immaturity. It took years of bad relationships after him to realize she deserved better.

She’s found someone. Well he found her. And she’s happy. She’s allowing him to ease her fears and her pain. She smiles now. She laughs now. She’s happy now.

And now he loves her. He misses her. He wants to reminisce.

Her strength is amazing. They work together. So not only did she have to deal with heartache, she had to see him every working day. She had to overhear his comments about his conquests. She had to see him as he walked around like he had won some kind of prize. And she did it quietly. With maturity.

And now she smiles. She laughs. She stands tall as she walks past him. Because someone else loves her now. Someone else wants to make her happy. Wants to be loved by her.

He didn’t love her until he saw her real worth. And it took another man to make her see it too.

God bless, and be blessed.


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