Last minute surprise

I had the sweetest surprise last night. My son and his girlfriend brought my unofficial granddaughter to see me. They were coming for dinner and when the door opened there she stood. I can’t describe how happy I was to see her. And by the way she ran and threw herself into my arms I believe its safe to say she was happy to see me too.

I love that little girl. She is the sweetest little soul. No trouble at all. Just wants to love and be loved. The odds are stacked against her, even at 3 years old, due to bad decisions by her parents (who are not my son or his girlfriend).

I had her Easter basket ready for her because I know I won’t get to see her for the holiday. She was so excited to get that basket and all of her surprises. She’s a girly girl and was so happy to get a new little dress with matching sandals. My little one is not a girly girl any longer so it was fun so see the excitement.

So it was getting late and time for them to go home and the baby climbed onto my lap and whispered “nanny I stay with you and sleep over”. It was so sweet. Of course the answer was yes. So my last minute surprise turned into a last minute sleepover. As tired as I am today there is no regret. My heart is full of love and joy knowing she feels safe and has stability with me.

Last minute surprises are the best.

God bless, and be blessed.


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