she wants to be loved full time

She’s just a little girl wanting to be loved full time.
Mommy is in and out of her life, she sees daddy even less.
Grandma doing the best she can to give her love, stability, and her time while working two and three jobs to keep the bills paid.

She’s a little girl wanting stability but bounced from house to house, from one family member to the next. She has love but to a little girl it can be confusing with a loved one here, a loved one there. But where is the love full time? Where is the consistency? Where is the security?

She’s three years old but wise beyond her age. She understands more than she should. She already knows that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. She knows that life is full of rainy days and thunderstorms. Too much for her little mind to have to deal with. Too much for her little heart to have to feel. It’s so unfair.

Many people love her. She’s surrounded by love, there is no doubt. But she wants love full time, from the moment she wakes up to the moment her little eyes close for the night. She needs to know that when she’s kissed goodnight she will be kissed good morning by the same person day after day, week after week. Her life is like a permanent vacation, home to home every few days visiting family members here and there. Great for vacation, but overwhelming for a three year old.

Life seems so unfair, but God has a plan. She is His precious gift to this family. And she is loved. She’s take good care of. She’s surrounded by people who love her and care for her. She just needs consistency. But, God has a plan, we must continue to have faith…for her sake.

God bless, and be blessed.


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