Has cheating become acceptable?

I was sitting in the nail salon not really paying attention to those around me. There’s something about the nail salon that is like the beauty shop – people talk out loud and don’t worry about who hears.

Well, today the 2 friends next to me where enjoying their time together and talking the way good friends do. But, their conversation caught my attention, or maybe it was the way my nail technician briefly changed her demeanor, I don’t know but their conversation was not a secret.

They were talking about cheating. No, the words cheating and cheater did not come out. But they might as well have. They were talking about hookups, and hookups with guys who in relationships.

Friend A told Friend B that John wanted her to stop by the office. Friend B asked if John was still married. Friend A said yes, but they are having problems so it’s ok. (No, it’s not ok. If he’s having problems let him leave his wife/girlfriend before “going to see him”) Friend B said well I have to wait to until her husband left for an out of town trip before she could go. Really, what the hell? It was so casual like they were talking about what to eat for dinner.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard people talk about seeing other people while in relationships. It’s not new. But what shocks me is how casual people talk about it as if it’s no big deal.

Back to that conversation. Friend A asked her if she would leave her man. Friend B said she would if she found someone who would take care of her the same way. So, as long as someone took care of her financially she would be ok leaving? And since she hasn’t found anyone yet, then she was ok being unhappy and cheating. Really, what the hell? Is this how the young generation sees relationships?

I’m not a prude and I’m not innocent. I haven’t lived a life free of sin. And I’ve stayed in relationships longer than I should have. But I’ve not been casual about hurting someone. Maybe it’s because I’ve been hurt. But the casualness of these young adults talking about hooking up, meeting up, or whatever the 2017 term is just surprised me. Maybe I’m just too old (although I don’t think I’m that old) that I can’t relate, but I think all this casual hooking up without worrying about hurting someone, or worrying about any consequences, is wrong.

Just my thoughts. No one has to agree.

God bless, and be blessed.


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