Sunday Mornings

There’s something about Sunday mornings, when the kids are asleep, and it’s just me.
When the house is cool and there is a quiet peace. There’s something about Sunday mornings that’s different from other days.

Sunday mornings start a little slower, there isn’t the rush of the week or the early morning errands of Saturday. Move a little slower, taking a little more time to move around. Still get up early to have a few hours of to myself.

I’m sitting here this Sunday morning with the puppy at my feet. Lunch and dinner meals are simmering on the stove. The kids are still sleeping in after a movie marathon night. I love making memories with the kids. I love that we pack so much into a day that they are exhausted when they go to sleep. And then I have my quiet Sunday morning.

Morning prayers have been said. I’ve thanked the Lord for my blessings. I’ve thanked Him for the lessons I’ve been learning. I’ve thanked him for seeing me through another day and allowing me to wake up this morning. Regardless of what obstacles crosses my paths, I know I am thankful to wake up each day.

God bless, and be blessed.


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