Love is free

On my drive home in the evenings I usually travel the same path. Lately I’ve tried to clear my mind and I try to notice the things around me and enjoy the beauty of nature.

A few weeks ago an old, broken down house caught my eye. Well it wasn’t the house that caught my eye but the man sitting on the porch steps. The house stands out because it is surrounded by big brick homes with beautifully landscaped yards and this house has an overgrown yard, a broken down car parked haphazardly on the grass, and the house is old, wooden, and not well kept. So it stands out.

But what stands out the most is the man, if I had to guess I would say mid to late 30s. This man sits on the steps and he plays with his dog. He’s hugging the dog, he’s playing with it, possibly teaching it to follow commands. But it’s the love I see when he picks up the dog and cradles it in his arms. That is what caught my eye.

I don’t know the man’s story but I can see that he’s not the richest man in his neighborhood, not as far as material things. But this man is rich in love. He doesn’t have a brand new car, from the looks it doesn’t look like he has a car that works. He doesn’t have the nicest home on the block. But he has a heart full of love and he freely gives it to his puppy. And that is priceless.

There are times where we may be in circumstances that are not what we wish for. But we can take what we have and make the most of it. We may not have pockets full of money, but we can have a heart full of love. And love is free. The kind of love that is pure and genuine, that is free. And we can share our love with others and that is worth more than money.

This gentleman and his dog opened my eyes and helped me realize that beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. What may not be aesthetically pleasing to one may be just right for another. Because love is beauty. And love is free.

God bless, and be blessed.


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