He finally loved enough

He spent over 25 years loving her. Raised a family, worked endless hours, provided for her the best he could. She wasn’t ever satisfied but he never stopped trying.

She blindsided him with the divorce papers. He never saw the signs that she was unhappy. The kids didn’t see the signs. Their families didn’t see the signs. But he loved her and still just wanted her to be happy.

He agreed to her terms. He signed the papers and they continued living together, her terms. He continued paying the bills, her bills, and she lived her life as she wished. And he kept working, kept trying to hold his family together. He loved her.

A few years passed and they continued living this charade of a married, unmarried life together. Him working, paying bills, and she just living her life with the freedom of being single but the security of a man supporting her.

The kids noticed and told him to make a life for himself. Be happy. Meet people. Do things. Live life. But he was afraid. So he didn’t make any changes. Maybe he was hoping that if he worked a little harder he could finally make her happy.

And then he had enough. He realized that the life he was living was not good. He wasn’t happy. He deserved a chance to be loved. He had finally loved her enough. Now it is time to love himself.

So he packed his things. Put the house up for sale. Quit his job. And he left. He is off to start a new life. Away from her. Away from the memories, the constant reminders that she wasn’t happy. But it’s not his problem any longer. Because he loved her with all he had. He loved her with all he could.

He loved her enough. Finally. Now he is learning to love himself.

God bless, and be blessed.


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