Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day I pray for the mom who has lost her child, the mom who feels the heartbreak of not having her child to hold, I pray that the love for your child far outweighs the pain.

For the mom whose child was carried to heaven without a breath on Earth, I pray that you are remembered on this day. I pray that you are not forgotten as a Mother because you are as much as a Mother as anyone who has been blessed with a child.

I pray for the child whose mother is no longer here to celebrate the day. The pain of not being able to say Happy Mother’s Day when reminders of the day is all around, that pain must be unbearable. For you I pray that your memories bring happiness and peace. I pray that your memories keep the pain of your loss subdued. I pray you still enjoy the day.

For the mothers-to-be who are experiencing this day before your child is born, I pray this day is one of many Mother’s Day celebrations. I pray that the excitement of your baby growing inside you carries you through the day and creates your first of many Mother’s Day memories.

For the mothers whose child was born to another I pray this day brings love and happiness. I pray you are filled with joy and love as you are celebrated as Mom. The love of a child is a precious feeling.

Mother’s Day can bring so many mixed emotions. I pray it is a day of joy, love, peace, and happiness. I pray it is a celebration of lives. I pray that happiness will rise above any pain.

Happy Mother’s Day.

God bless, and be blessed.


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