It’s a journey

This is a journey, my life, these ups and downs. Today I feel more fear than freedom, more pain than euphoria, more worry than peace. But this is a journey and I know that there is a curve, a corner, or a turn that should be coming up ahead, somewhere down the road, hopefully some time soon.

As we go on about our lives, going to sleep, waking up, going through the routine called living we are experiencing several journeys, but it’s all our life.

I am on a spiritual journey as I try to find my place with God. I am eager to learn more, to understand. It’s a personal journey that is for me alone. One I must travel alone.

I am on other journeys. Each relationship I have is a journey in itself. As people grow within, together, separately, and apart. It’s a journey. And right now my journey is filled with bumps, bruises, confusion,and worry. This isn’t a fun part of the journey, but it’s part of plan – I’m sure, right? I must believe that it is. Otherwise, this pain will not be worth it.

I’m on a journey. I’ll face it head on. No choice. Life doesn’t stop for someone’s pain or fears. The sun still rises, it still sets. And we must go on.

God bless, and be blessed.


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