I think of him

Not often, but I do think of him. It’s random, fleeting, just a flash of a memory. Not enough to make me wish for what could have been, but enough to make me think of what we had back then.

I think of him. Not wishful thinking. Wondering how he is. Where did life take him. Is he happy. Did he find the love of his life. Does he think of me?

I think of him. It’s not a big deal. He crosses my mind. I smile. I remember the good times. I remember the great times. I remember the ok times. Saddest thing is that we never had bad times.

That’s right. We never had bad times. What we had was each other. Right then. And we made the most of it. We knew we weren’t in it forever. Maybe we could have had more, but time was not on our side. What we did have was love, right then, full blown, larger than life.

So lately I’ve been thinking of him. We are older, so much older, and our paths have not crossed again. Destiny it was not. But I remember him. And he still makes me smile. And I still wish him the best.


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